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SEO Benefits

9/10 businesses agree search engine optimisation (SEO) is effective in increasing sales, with a significant proportion (40%) investing more heavily in SEO in 2011.

Search engine optimisation is so powerful because websites are discovered at the exact point when the searcher is ready to buy. Unlike pay per click advertising, SEO isn't instant but can deliver exceptional returns on investment of up to 1,000%. This means organisations can get back up to £10 for every £1 they spend on SEO.

In 2011, the global population will make 5.4 billion searches in Google every month to find what they want online and increasingly via mobile search on their smart phones. Improving on page and off page SEO to be at the top of the list is going to increase brand awareness, website traffic, customers and sales.

How people do business has changed, with 74% using search engines to find local businesses over newspapers, and 70% not clicking beyond the 1st page of Google. Websites who do not appear at the top of search engine results may find business more of a challenge in the future. See our SEO results for examples of what the White Label SEO team has achieved.

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