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SEO Practices

Our white hat SEO practices use our KALM™ methodology which guarantees improved search engine performance. Our SEO practices include 4 key stages:

Keyword Research:

We use keyword research tools to find out how many searches are made in Google, Bing & Yahoo for relevant keywords. Keywords may include brand names, products, services, markets, locations and solutions. If we have access to Analytics we can also understand which keywords currently send traffic, conversions and sales.

We also learn where the website currently ranks for particular keywords and how their website is different to the websites which are ranking on the 1st page of search results. This information is then used to create the Target Keywords.

More competitive keywords will take longer to achieve improved rankings for, so keywords which provide the quickest wins will be prioritised so immediate improvements can be seen.

Website Audit:

There are a number of factors affecting how search engines read and subsequently decide whether to return a website within search results. The bigger and more complex a site, the more issues there are likely to be.

E-Commerce sites, Content Management Systems and Flash sites regularly block large volumes of content from being found in search engines. We can recommend the best way to solve these problems and the result is usually an immediate increase in traffic and sales.

Just like a car MOT, common checks can be performed to assess the ”search engine worthiness“ of different types of website. The larger the site, the greater the depth of checks and the scale of improvement required.

Content relevance is an essential optimisation factor which includes improving the positioning of target keywords within title tags, meta data, headers, images and links to maximise their importance and variety. The technical quality of a site can also be optimised such as download speed, accessible navigation and content duplication.


As more organisations compete for the increased traffic higher search engine rankings bring, the more important offsite optimisation becomes. Back links from 3rd party websites are seen as independent recommendations, therefore the more links a site has the greater its reputation and subsequent ranking.

We use link research tools to identify how many links your site has versus the sites which currently rank on the 1st page of results for your target keywords. Competitor analysis is performed to understand which sites are currently linking to the best ranking sites and why. These insights are then used to prioritise which websites should be approached to negotiate links from for your site.

Securing links from a mix of different link sources such as directories, articles, blogs and social networks is recommended to demonstrate your website's reputation. Not all links are equal and links that include the target keyword within the link text can help your site to rank even higher for that particular keyword. Similarly links from high authority websites, such as government sites, are worth significantly more. Creating useful content for your target market to engage with can attract high volumes of links and generate converting traffic that also leads to improved sales performance.

SEO Management:

Our SEO Experts are available to support your SEO campaign and provide consultancy without the jargon.

Our monthly reporting helps you understand the value of your search engine performance:

  • Keyword Rankings Report (where your site is ranking)
  • Analytics Report (website traffic, engagement, conversions & e-commerce if applicable)
  • Links Report (what external links have been acquired and from where)
  • Project Report (what tasks have been completed and which are planned)
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