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White Label Content

Why White Label Content?

  • 50% of usability fixes are copy fixes 1
  • 1 in 10 search results now include new content since the Google Freshness Update 2
  • Optimising your existing content can increase conversion rates by up to 1000%

The Opportunity for Your Clients

  • Engage your audiences with content written by specialist writers
  • Improve your SEO by adding fresh content to your website
  • Convert more browsers into buyers with optimised landing pages for PPC, SEO and Social Media
  • Get more customers without increasing your marketing budget by changing the copy on your web forms and product pages.
  • Grow your subscriber database with regular blog posts and email newsletters
  • Keep your fans and followers up-to-date with social media posts for Facebook and Twitter
  • Increase brand awareness with articles, infographics and presentations
  • Develop your sales pipeline with lead generating whitepapers
  • Go viral with an entertaining video
  • Communicate your brand effectively with the right images and photography

Content Services

  • Content Audit – We review all your existing website content and optimise each page for your audience, SEO and conversion optimisation. We identify gaps in your existing content and write new pages to increase rankings, traffic, engagement, leads and sales.
  • Content Strategy – Your content strategy should be the first stage of a new web design project. We will segment your audiences, develop a distinct tone of voice and develop a content programme with easy to follow content guidelines so that your entire team can be self sufficient.
  • Content Creation – Our specialist team of digital copywriters, designers, photographers and video producers can work on a daily, weekly, monthly or project basis to deliver search engine optimised content that engages your ideal customers with your brand’s tone of voice.
  • Content Optimisation – With access to your analytics tools we can work out which web pages have the highest drop off rates and prioritise these pages for development. Rolling out improvements to your website copy can be stretched over a period of time to gradually increase leads and sales.
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