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White Label PPC

Why White Label PPC?

  • 83% of pay per click spend was through Google Adwords in 2011
  • 25% increase in Google click throughs in 2011 vs. 2010
  • 20% increase in global paid search spending predicted for 2012

The Opportunity for Your Clients

  • Be found immediately at the top of Google search results
  • Adverts will only appear when people search for related keywords
  • Only pay a few pence each time someone clicks through to the website from the adverts
  • The more relevant your adverts are to your customers the more likely they are to click
  • The more optimised your pay per click campaign, the higher your "Google Adwords Quality Score" will be and the less you will pay per click, meaning you will appear more often
  • For the most competitive markets, you can take advantage of remarketing, video ads, image ads, ad site links and mobile search

Appearing on the 1st page of results for the target keywords will be immediate once your campaign goes live. Your return on investment will improve over time as your campaign is continually optimised with a long term focus on reducing your cost per acquisition over time.

PPC Services

  • PPC Audit – We take over an existing pay per click campaign already set up by an in-house team or another agency and implement quick wins to improve the volume of leads and sales including landing page optimisation.
  • PPC Set Up – If you’ve not got a Google Adwords account set up, we’ll research the best keywords to bid on for the budget available. We’ll then structure your PPC campaigns and write your ads to ensure you get the highest Google Adwords Quality Score and have the flexibility to put more budget into the best performing campaigns.
  • PPC Campaign Optimisation – We continuously identify new advertising opportunities and write new ads that appeal to your customers. To maximise your leads and sales we will separate the best converting keywords and ads into their own campaigns so their own budgets, timings and locations can be allocated and your budget is better utilised.
  • PPC Consultancy – We provide advice, reports, insights and campaign plans to continuously identify new quick wins and ensure the best performance is maintained.
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